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25 Years! Geez that seems like a long time. If you’ve been trying to put together the perfect tailgater it seems even longer. 
This year, will be 25 years believe it or not, that we’ve been making that attempt. We’ve been close. Last year for instance was a huge deal.  And we’ve been not so close - like the year we lost our banquet facility a week before Homecoming. 
Gil blames me. I blame Gil. But deep down I think we both know it’s somehow Tater’s fault. 
Anyway we will have a silver anniversary edition this year on Oct. 4 and 5. That’s Friday, Oct. 4 for our annual golf tournament at Michelbook and Saturday, Oct. 5 for the tailgater and our special casino night gathering.
Golf is much the same. Registration begins at 11 and we tee off at 1. Check out our golf link for more info. Tailgater starts around 10 - earlier or later as you see fit. It’s in the huge tent on the Keck campus a little beyond the football stadium. You can miss it. You can practically see it from space. 
After the football game - we cream PLU this year - gather again at the tent for our casino event. 
Bill Hayden caters both the tailgater and the casino night. Tailgater is $10 per person and casino night is $20 per. Follow the links to more info on these events. 
We now host the entire campus for the tailgater and last year numbers hovered around 400 although half of those were grads from our era (1964-1975). So expect to see a lot of old friends. 
We encourage you to sign up early since it helps us - and Hayden in particular - get a good estimate on how much food we may need. 
Call one of our fearless committee members if you have any questions. It’s a special year we’re told so we have big plans - Swedish Bikini Volleyball team, recorded messages from celebrities and prizes up the wahzoo. And at least part of what I just said is true.
Try to make it. It’s always a great time. Really!

Golf Tournament - Friday October 4th - Michelbook Country Club
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Tailgater - Saturday October 5th - Keck campus parking lot
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Casino Party - Saturday October 5th - Keck campus parking lot
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Other “Stuff”
Please browse the rest of the site for a list of your BWC committee members (with contact numbers and emails if you want to get in touch with any of us personally)  past photos, lists of those attending - we'll update regularly, well as regularly as our web mistress can get to it. 


Meet the committee, or contact one of them with a question...you may get an answer!

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