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Year 26 of our BWC Tailgating weekends is approaching.

For 2014 we are planning a typically great weekend.  Golf, Tailgater, Casino Party. Throw in your return to the Linfield campus, a Wildcat football game and it adds up to a great time. 

WE ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO ENTER EARLY because it's a lot easier for us. And at our age - easier is always better. 

We will start with our golf tournament at the Michelbook Country Club in McMinnville on Friday, Oct. 17. Men's and Women's tournaments, no golf skills necessary. This one's about a good time. We even have free beer. You can get the details by linking to the golf tournament on this site. 

On Saturday, Oct. 18,  we again host - with Bill Hayden catering - the all-campus Tailgate party. It's all you can eat and drink for $10 a head. We drew a little over 400 last year. Starts around 10ish and is open throughout halftime of the football game - check Linfield website for game tickets. You can't miss us. We're in the big tent on the Keck campus just northwest of the football field. 

After the game re-join us at the tent for our Casino Night and buffet dinner. $20 for all you can put down. We have a no-host bar, scrip gambling for prizes, great music and a chance to mingle with people strictly from our era (circa 1965 to 1975 give or take). Scheduled start is around 4:30 and we run for about 4 hours. 

Registration forms for those events are also on this site. 

It's a pretty cool homecoming and a chance to re-connect with your old schoolmates. 

Contact one of the organizing committee members if you have questions. You should be able to find their contact info on the site as well. 

Plan on being there. You won't regret it.

Golf Tournament - Friday October 17th - Michelbook Country Club
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Tailgater - Saturday October 18th - Keck campus parking lot
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Casino Party - Saturday October 18th - Keck campus parking lot
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Other “Stuff”
Please browse the rest of the site for a list of your BWC committee members (with contact numbers and emails if you want to get in touch with any of us personally)  past photos, lists of those attending - we'll update regularly, well as regularly as our web mistress can get to it. 


Meet the committee, or contact one of them with a question...you may get an answer!

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